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Golf Tips From TJ Kua

Golf Tip #1: Keep It Simple


Golf is a difficult game as it is. I come across many golfers who make it even more difficult than it needs to be. Sometimes it is best to take a step back, especially after a bad day, and look at where things went wrong. I always start with “wasted” strokes. I use the term wasted to mean the strokes I lost in my round that have simple solutions.

First question I ask myself, did I make a bad decision leading to a high score on a hole? Usually, the answer to this question is already 2-3 strokes. The solution to these wasted strokes are simple: Be aware of the situation, know the risks, and play the proper shot.

Second question to myself, how many putts did I miss inside of 5ft? On an average day that’s another 2-3 strokes. Again, it’s often a simple solution. It’s rare that we putt well from mid-range and miss a few short ones because of a bad stroke. It’s more often a confidence issue. Spending a few minutes on the putting green, making putts of all breaks from 3-5ft will bring back that confidence. Through this process, I’ve made myself aware of 4-6 strokes I can save on my very next round.

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